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Social Science

Political Science & International Relations





The Political Science and International Relations Programs at Edgewood College equip students with the intellectual skills that enrich lives, careers, and active citizenship. our programs ofer a diverse set of courses spanning American politics, public policy, foreign language, peace studies, research methods, comparative politics, and area studies in Europe, the Middle East and Latin America. We also help our graduates acquire meaningful internships in Madison and throughout the country.



Post-graduate employment placements include:


  • Wisconsin State Assembly
  • Wisconsin Governor's Office
  • EPIC Systems Corporation
  • U.S. Central Intelligence Agency
  • U.S. Agency for International Development
  • Unisted States Peace Corps
  • Wisconsin Department of Children and FAmilies
  • Democratic National Committee


Our graduates have also attended graduate school at:


  • University of Wisconsin-Madison Law School
  • Pennsylvania State University Law School
  • John Marshall Law School 
  • U.S. Navy Officer Candidate School
  • George Washington University
  • University of California-Fullerton


I cannot imagine studying political science anywhere other than Edgewood and the city of Madison. The opportunities and experiences the college offers me are incomparable and excellent preparation for my future plans of law school.

Hannah Hathaway (Class of 2017)
Political Science - Law & Politics




International Relations Major Requirements


All students pursing the International Relations major must take the following course work:


Social Science Interdisciplinary Sequence (12 credits)

SS 368         Social Science Research Methods

SS 369         Social Science Statistics*

SS 484   3    Senior Social Science Seminar*

*course has prerequisites


International Relations core (17-20 credits)


PS 210   GJ    Introduction to International Relations

PS 262   J      Introduction to the American Political Process  

PS 275   GJ   Introduction to Comparative Politics

PS 301          Political Ideas

SS  372         Field Experience (1-4 credits)


12 credits chosen from the following courses


PS 380   GJ   Politics of Latin America

PS 381   GJ   Politics of Europe

PS 384   GJ   Politics of the Middle East

PS 387   J     Peace and Confilict Studies

PS 388   G    Democracy and Authoritarianism

PS 365   2J   Model United Nations

PS 481         Seminar in International Relations

Students will also take four additional credits of political science coursework


Economics Requirement

Students are required to take one of the following courses. The other an be applied to the 12 credit elective category above.

Econ 290      The Global Economy

Econ 291      Challenges of Poor Countries




Students majoring in the Social Science Department must maintain a cumulatie gradae point average of 2.0 in courses in their respective major. 

If a student receives more than one grade below a "CD" in major courses, he/she mus repeat one of these courses or an approved equivalment and receive a grade of "CD" or above in order to successfully complete the major.

Courses required for the majors may not be taken Pass/Fail.

Twelve credits of the major must be earned at Edgewood College: at least four of those credits must be in the major discipline.

Majors should consult with their advisor about appropriate courses to fulfill their Math (M) and INformation and technological Literacy (I) requirements.



For more information contact:

Political Science: Steve Davis, Ph.D. at

International Relations: Nicholas Spina, Ph.D. at