The Social Science Department 

Diversity and Inclusion Statement


We, the faculty of the Social Science Department at Edgewood College, embrace Edgewood’s commitment to social justice, insisting on the value of all members of our community. We reaffirm the college’s statement on diversity and inclusion and take responsibility for our own actions both in and out of the classroom.

1. We will strive to understand social power and marginalization, especially with respect to dynamics of the classroom and learning environment.

2. We will support faculty, staff and students across campus by creating an academically rigorous and personally affirming environment, with special attention to faculty, staff and students who must overcome obstacles of discrimination, prejudice and social bias.

3. We will aim not to put any students in the position of speaking for a larger social group to which they may belong.

4. We will be cognizant that our perspectives and possible biases are the product of our own experiences and social positions. Our formal education conveys a training advantage in our discipline, but does not make our perspectives innately superior.

5. We will strive to be open to students’ perspectives, including their critiques of our theories and practices.