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Bridging Borders Class in Mexico, Spring 2018     Bridging Borders Class in Mexico, Spring 2018    


Students on the Bridging Borders Trip to Mexico, Spring 2018


      Students on the Bridging Borders Trip to Mexico, Spring 2018






The Social Science Department presents fascinating and unusual documentaries.

One of the films presented recently was The Land Beneath Our Feet, directed by Sarita Siegel and Gregg Mitman.

It follows a young Liberian man, uprooted by war, who returns from the USA with never-before-seen footage of Liberia’s past. The uncovered footage is embraced as a national treasure. depicting a 1926 corporate land grab, it is also an explosive reminder of eroding land rights.

Discussion followed with the directors. This film showing was free and open to the public.
It was preceded by a Social Science alumni reception.






Edgewood alumni provided “speed mentoring” to the Human Service interns, who rotate among the mentors in ten-minute sessions. 
During the “speed mentoring” sessions, Human Service interns were free to ask the alumni mentors for advice on topics such as career goals and college-to-profession transitions. 
Speed Mentoriing Spring 2018 photo of participants
Interns in the front row (left to right) are Carleigh Tucker, Kassie Widmyer, Autumn Battaglia, and Tammie Lepage. (Stephanie Salgado and Kelsey Kraemer are missing.) Alumni in the back row (left to right) are Fatou Ceesay, Elena Aleman, Lisa Lang-Shackett, Christina Schmoker, and Ann Goth (Mercedes Swenson is missing). 







photos of students at Model UN Event in Chicago

For one of our International Relations classes students have the opportunity to attend a Model UN conference, where they serve as country delegates and negotiate resolutions to complex global problems within the UN institutional structure. Class activities will help students strengthen the writing, research and speaking skills needed before and during the conference. In the recent past the class represented Lebanon at the American Model United Nations International at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Chicago. Students participated in 30+ hours of intense simulations with over 1,500 college students from around the country.







poster for the Human Book Event

Introductory Sociology students participate in their own storytelling event in class. A couple of them, along with other students and staff at Edgewood, shared their stories before a live audience in the Washburn Heritage Room.  To prepare for the event storytelling experts from the Madison Moth and Madison Storytellers held workshops on campus to help them convert their personal experiences into effective and engaging five-minute stories, on topics related to high school sports, cultural identity, homelessness, sexuality, racial segregation and immigration. These Human Book events occur once a semester.







Wrongful Convictions Lecture

Keith Findley, JD, Professor of Law at University of Wisconsin-Madison and Ray Krone, death row exoneree





April 17, 2012 
The Invention of White People in Law and the Making of “the American
by Jacqueline Battalora, Ph.D., J.D., Professor of Sociology, Saint Xavier University
April 23, 2013
Dr. T and the Real CSI
by Gary Telgenhoff, D.O., M.S. of the Las Vegas Coroner’s Office and Technical Consultant for CSI Television series
April 25, 2014
The Disproportionate Incarceration of African Americans
Pamela Oliver, Ph.D., Bascom Professor of Sociology, University of Wisconsin, Madison
September 17, 2015
On the Run: Fugitive Life in an American City 
Alice Goffman, Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Wisconsin, Madison
September 18, 2016
Juvenile Delinquency
Cesar Rebellon, Professor of Sociology, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH
October 24, 2017
Death Row Exonerations
Keith Findley, JD., Law Professor, University of Wisconsin Law School, and Ray Krone, Death row exoneree
October 25, 2018
Intimate Partner Violence in Global Perspective
Dr. Sitawa Kimuna, Associate Professor of Sociology, East Carolina University, NC
November 5, 2019 
Criminal Justice System Inequalities in the Era of Mass Incarceration
Dr. Michael Massoglia, Professor of Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Senior Seminar poster, Spring 2020SENIOR SEMINARS


The Senior Social Science Seminar is a capstone experience for all majors. One of the purposes of the seminar is to bring together students in the various majors in the department to examine the implications and interrelations of their studies.

The seminar includes reading and discussion in conjunction with preparation for the presentation of a senior paper. Click here for more information on Senior Seminars.