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A Health & Society Minor is an attractive and practical choice due to the interdisciplinary nature of the minor and the variety of general education requirements filled through its completion. It may be of particular interest to students considering careers as health care practitioners, or in businesses, government or non-profit organizations in which a knowledge of the relationship between health and society would be useful. 

Students intending to become health care practitioners will benefit from having a broad understanding of the social context of their patients' lives, the trends that affect the way they do their work, and the industries that govern their jobs. When applying for jobs in health-related fields, this minor will set graduates apart from others. Relevant job titles include health educator, community health worker, and healthcare social worker.

Foundational courses are sociology, with coursework elected from several disciplines, including biology, communication studies, COR, economics, environmental studies, human services, nursing, religious studies and philosophy.


A minimum of 17 credits are required. 


Foundational Requirements (8 credits)



SOC 330: Health, Illness and Society (4 credits) (Tags: D)



SOC 201: Introduction to Sociology (4 credits) (Tags: D J)  

SOC 202: Introduction to Sociology: Self and Community (4 credits) (Tags: 1 D J) 

SOC 203: Social Problems and Social Change (4 credits) (Tags: J Q) 


Electives (9 credits)


COMMS 430A: Topics: Health Communication (3 credits) 

COR 312: Beyond Birth: Mental/Emotional (3 credits) (Tags: 2)

ECON 315: Healthcare Economics (2 credits)

ECON/ENV 327: World Food Systems (4 credits) (Tags: E G J)

ENVS 102: Food: You are What You Eat (3 credits) (Tags: 1, E)

GS/NRS 270 and GS/NRS 271: International Service Learning in Cambodia (Tags: 2, G)

HS 302: Social Welfare and Policy (4 credits) or HS 305: Human Behavior and Social Environment (4 credits)

PHIL 442: Health Care Ethics (4 credits) (Tags: P U)

RS 442: Moral Responsibility & Ethics of Health (4 credits) (Tags: R U)

SOC/ENV 303: Food and Social Justice (4 credits) (Tags: 2 E)

SOC/WS 326: Human Sexualities (Tag: Q)

SUST 742: Innovative Leadership in Community Wellbeing

WS 209: Gender and Health (Tag: Q)





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